Sunday, April 29, 2012


Life is good. Springtime in Bellingham has been amazing thus far, I am meeting a ton of new really cool people and the weather has been producing some sunshine so it's a nice change of pace. I am really starting to settle into Bham and I love it, it's becoming home.

I have been wanting to make a photo blog for a long time and just never got around to it, so here it is finally. My photos are usually just uploaded to Facebook and i'm tired of doing that. Facebook doesn't do the photos justice and I would like to be able to give my photos more context so people know what was happening.

I am starting to take photography more seriously, I think I want to do something with it for a profession and I really need to start refining my skills. For part of this summer I am planning on apprenticing under Patrick Orton (patrickortonphotography.com), a close friend and professional outdoor adventure photographer, to gain all the knowledge and experience that I can from him. He has really been a mentor for me, in photography as well as in life so I am really looking forward to spending some more time with him this summer.

The sunshine has given me the opportunity to get out with some friends and start shooting some more, here are some of my recent works.

Sage Overstreet Red Square at WWU

Conor Wagner Red Square

Larrabee State Park

Larrabee State Park

Cam Russell, one of my best friends, and his buddy had this crazy idea to drop a 15 foot waterfall on a wakeboard at Whatcom falls. They had to drag a 60-70lb winch setup down a steep, rugged 150ft decesent so they could use a pulley to gain speed for the drop. The BDP crew and a bunch of friends were there to help us set up the winch and to do a little boating as well, big ups, we couldn't have done it without them. We got the winch set up and after a few failed attempts by Cam's friend, Cam strapped up and dropped it first try, pretty sick in my book.

The Pulley system

Cam Russell sending it ridiculously huge

Brendan Wells, doing what he does best

Olin Wimberg sending

Nooksack Falls