Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The past few days I went out with the Modern Day Pirates aka MDP and shot photos of some graffiti. It was an awesome experience to get a glimpse at his underground world. Check out the audio slideshow from my experience:


Here are the best shots from the nighttime shoot that I did. We went on a crazy little adventure through the pitch black night to a train tunnel that was sheltered from the rain. The lighting was incredibly hard to shoot in, but once I figured out the exposure I started to get some good shots.

We were in the train tunnel for a while when all of a sudden I hear something that sounded like a train. I looked at one of the MDP crew and asked them if they heard anything, he responded with "what?," and then kept tagging. A few seconds later he looks at me and said "did you mean a train?" Sure enough we looked to our left and saw a beam of light piercing the darkness of the tunnel, lighting up the graffiti laden wall. "Oh shit!!" we exclaimed. I grabbed all of my camera gear (Canon 5d around my neck, photo backpack on tracks, and Nikon d40 w/tripod on the tracks) and headed for the end of the tunnel. MDP was hot my tail and we escaped a few seconds before the train came out of the tunnel. 

We then proceeded to go back to our art. Even though another train never came, I kept telling myself that I could hear one:


The next day we went out for another round of tagging.This time we avoided the trains.

It was inspiring to see these artists at work. They are amazingly talents people who don't receive enough recognition for what they do. These urban artist put themselves at risk everyday that they paint; they can get arrested, fall off bridges or even get hit by cars.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo Illustration

For my photojournalism class we were supposed to find any article online that would be hard to make a candid photo for. We were then supposed to take the context of that story and try to illustrate what was happening in that article.

Here is the link to the story:  http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/17/t

The article I chose was "Teens who 'sext' more likely to be sexually active." I used two of my good friend to portray this idea:

Teens who ‘sext’ are seven times more likely to be sexually active than teens that
do not, said a recent study taken in urban areas. Teens may also be at a
 greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases if they ‘sext’.

Copy Line Only

Assignment for photojournalism where we tried to make a standalone photo which had some context about that day in time. It was very nice the other day so I took some pictures of a lady doing some spring cleaning:

Bobbi Vollendorff, 60, spends the beautiful 56-degree day spring-cleaning in her garden. Vollendorff 
has been gardening for around 50 years and 35 years in Bellingham “it (gardening) puts you in
 touch with the earth,” Vollendorff said, “with all its rhythms and its cycles.”