Saturday, May 19, 2012


Life happens when you go with the flow.

This last weekend a few friends and I made a trip down to southern Washington/northern Oregon for some fun. We shredded Mt. Hood and got into some other shenanigans along the way. While on the trip a friend of a friend was sooooo generous and let me take photos with his Nikon D3 and some really nice lenses. The shots turned out sick, the optics on the lenses made for incredible detail. It was eye opening shooting with that nice of a camera, I really need to upgrade.

I am starting to get my eye back. I have been shooting consistantly lately and it is doing wonders for my photography, I am noticing things from a photographer perspective again. I have been finding interesting lighting and seeing a lot more subtleties that I had come to overlook due to a lack of shooting.

Our trip was awesome. I got to know my friends a lot better and heard some cool stories along the way.

We stayed in Drew Swisher's home town of Camas, Wa. Camas was a little piece of paradise along Columbia River. The Swisher's treated us to a sunset boat ride up the Gorge, where we pulled to the side of the river to send some sand dunes.

Hood was epic, buttery rails and lofty booters. The parks were flawless and the weather was even better. We got to shred two days for $60 because the second day was free if you had a season pass somewhere else, which worked out nicely. It was good getting airborn again. I hadn't hit a park jump all year so it was  a nice change of pace. (some photos by Drew Swisher)

Kevin Curran
Buddy Chapman

Yours truly

Bare ass backflips kinda hurt...

The trip was 60 hours of nonstop fun, we barley slept and being able to shooting with that nice camera made everything better. It is awesome to know that there are such generous people out there in the world, thank you John for letting me use your set up!

Ski season is probably over for me, now on to the end of school/summer. I am excited for this summer but  amazed that this school year is almost over. It will be one for the memory bank.

Summer is going to be interesting. I am going to be fighting wildfires while stationed in Ashland, Oregon, as well as photo apprenticing under Patrick Orton. I feel like this summer will be quite an experience. It will be like nothing I have done before, I am excited to see how it plays out.

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