Monday, January 13, 2014


Back to the good ol' blog! Its been a long time since I have updated this beast. For most of the summer and fall I didn't shoot much due to not having a camera. I nutted up around Thanksgiving and bought a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm lens. It has been sick! I'm stoked to once again have a camera in my hands all the time.

On Facebook I mostly post ski photos, so this post will be a dump of photos showcasing my other work! I have been working on taking more portrait and lifestyle shots. The beautiful Virginia Faulker-Monks and I went out to shoot some photos a few weeks ago down by Bellingham Bay. It was a cloudy overcast day which made for some soft lighting.

It was fun getting out and shooting with an old friend! The colors of her jacket popped like crazy against the bleak background, making for some awesome contrast. I love taking portraits! It is challenging working with models and getting a person's body positioning and looks dialed. But when it all comes together you are left with a clean finished photo.

Here are some other portraits/lifestyles I have taken recently:

The man, the legend, Tait Trautman

Ted Cook, long time ski patroller at Schweitzer mountain/badass

Every week I try to go down to the bay with my friends to soak in the glory of Western Washington. It is usually grey and cold but what do you expect, its Washington.

Birch Bay

Foggy lens

Here are some nature-scapes from my recent adventures

Home sweet home

And some other random shots that I liked:

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Little Bear Mountain, WA

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