Thursday, February 27, 2014


Holy POWDER! After getting an incredibly slow start to the season here in the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Baker and the surrounding area finally got the storm it had been waiting for. We received over one hundred inches in 10 days and it was some of the lightest snow I have ever skied! Luckily for me I have a few days off of school, and I may have played a little hooky too. After having doubted this season, my perspective was totally changed in a the matter of seconds into my first run.

These photos are from one week ago when Adam Robert and I got out for my deepest POW day of the season at that point.


I checked my Facebook late the following evening and had a message from Brandon Clabaugh. After three years of anticipation, I got the word that the boys were gonna build up and send the Mt. Baker road gap. My stoke level blew its cap and I think I had a slight erection.

I woke up early the next morning and was on the road by 7am. Driving to the mountain that morning I could feel something in the air. Today will be a good day.

I arrived at the mountain and was greeted with big smiles and daps from my friends Jackson Blackburn, Brandon Clabaugh, Ed Bear and Kevin Curran. They were just as amped as I.

We made it to the site where the gap is usually built and decided to build it in a different spot. When airborne, you have to clear a 40 foot gap to the landing and you are falling about 40 feet down. At your peak in midair you are about 50 feet off above the road.

It took us about an hour to build the jump up to standard. It was a well groomed launchpad, ready for takeoff. As the rest of the crew got ready to hit the jump I ran down to the road and set up for some photos.

Jackson Blackburn launched the first hit. Needless to say he sparked the session off right with a massive, laid out backflip. After that it was on! (I am holding the best images, I'm trying to get some of them published!)

Drew Swisher


Jackson "Squirrel" Blackburn

Young Squirrel
Road Gap Stoke

Campa Kev Cheesin

Brandon Clabaugh

Yours truly

Swisher and Kev

Kevin Curran

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