Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honest Emotion/Relationship

For this assignment in my photojournalism class we had to capture an image of an honest emotion or relationship. I was up at the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom and decided to take my photos there. Camaraderie and smiles were abundant which made my job easy. I would have liked to find an image that was more raw, but it eluded me.

Professional snowboarder Kael Martin shares a laugh with a fellow Mt. Baker Banked Slalom participant. “I love being in the mountains,” Martin said, “its just a cool feeling.” Martin and three other professional snowboarders are road tripping around North America in search of powder snow. The crew is filming an “all inclusive ” snowboarding movie, the only credentials to make the movie are a “positive attitude and a passion for Shred.” To join in on their adventure go to Goboardin.com.

Gwen Howat's smiling face can always be found around the start shack of the Mt. Baker Legendary Bank Slalom competition. Mt. Baker has been run by the Howat family for 42 years.

Gwen Howat, Coordinator of the Legendary Banked Slalom and director of resort operations at Mt. Baker talks with a banked slalom competitor. Gwen is the daughter of Duncan Howat, the general manager of the ski area.

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  1. Jasper man, the photos are great, and the smiles are great, but i imagine you, me, and John are all thinking the same thing when we see these, what is the relationship between the two other than the smile?

    it's hard to tell, i would suggest remembering to look at the larger scene, how people are interacting with body language, not just their smiles and gazes.

    i get that that's super tough, especially on that day it was so busy up there, but thats my two cents!

    good job buddy, get in a personal post sometime soon too.