Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Holy beauty..... This is why I live in Washington

View of Mt. Shuksan from Mt. Herman

This last Saturday my friends and I drove up to the area surrounding the Mt. Baker ski resort for a delightful day of touring (backcountry skiing). We put in a six hour day and were touring around in our T-shirts, a rare occasion for early February in the North Cascades. In terms of views it was the most spectacular day I have been up in the mountains surrounding Mt. Baker. We explored some new areas and got to ski some untouched powder stashes that was lying hidden in the shadows of the knife-edged peaks.

Gearing up

View of Mt. Shuksan from the Herman Saddle 

Tyler Tran. Stoked.

Tim Black scoping the 20' cornice drop
Tyler Tran sending

Ashton Richie hucking a backflip

The gang enjoying the beautiful sunshine on top of Slate Mountain

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